Jeff Elkins, Manager

Greetings Golden Vista!

All is well here in the valley of the sun, and we continue to ramp up for the coming season. Jan is super busy in the activities office preparing for shows, taking orders, selling tickets, and more. Maintenance has been painting almost everything that doesn’t move and the facilities are really looking nice. We continue to mark items off our list and I’m very pleased with our amazing team and the work that is being accomplished this summer.

If you’re not registered on the new website, here’s how to do it. When you go to the new site, click on "Owner Login" at the top. It will take you to the “Owner Login Page”. Put in your email address and create a password, then instead of clicking on "Login" click on "REGISTER". It will then take you through the process to complete registration. Once done it will take a short time for your registration to be approved. You will get an email notification saying that you've been approved.

You can stay connected with your friends and neighbors by joining the Golden Vista Resort Residents Facebook group, the official private group for owners and residents. We also invite you to 'Like' our public-facing page Golden Vista Resort Active 55+ Community which presents our community to prospective owners and residents.

Upon your return, clubs will be asked to fill out a new form that details all the officers of your club including the chair, the vice chair, and so on; as well as who are monitors for the club. This will help us be more efficient in the front office when needing to communicate with the clubs.

This time of year, I do not usually list our lot occupancy numbers because we hover around 100 lots most of the summer with a small number coming and going throughout the apocalyptic heat. This year the unusual humidity has received more notice than the heat.

I received word from the city of Apache Junction this week that they will have a date for me soon on the installation of the sidewalk on Baseline. I will keep you all informed of those details as they come in. We’re looking forward to that improvement.

Until next time, have a wonderful weekend.


Jeff Elkins
Resort Manager

Golden Vista Resort